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    FlexOptics is a foremost industry innovator who designs, develops and manufactures carrier-grade data communications equipment and high capacity systems to telecommunications carriers, cable operators and enterprises. Today's networks are evolving to support the demand for high-bandwidth applications such as IPTV, streaming video, peer-to-peer networking, and content-rich websites. Service Providers are looking for new revenue producing opportunities and a competitive edge – while maintaining their current infrastructure and current service offerings.


Feature Products:

FTTH total solution FlexOptic FTTH Total Solution

From cabinet to faceplate, from Central office to subscriber’s desktop. We will give you the most suitable equipment to ensure your quality of service.

Video Fiber Transceiver Video & Audio Encoder/Decoder System

Most cost-effective solution for transmission uncompressed digital video, reversed stereo audio and reversed data over one single Fibre cable....... <more>


10G Optical Transponder

The product is a 10Gbps fiber optic transmission chassis which offer a safe, flexible,
easy-to-manage and competitive high-speed fiber optic transmission solution...<more>